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Drummer, composer, researcher and educator



* Winner of the BDMG Instrumental award (2017)

* Project selected by the Ibermusicas notice to hold music workshops in Santiago de Chile (2019)

He was born in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, it was in the small town of Santo Antônio do Jardim, located in the interior of São Paulo, that the drummer grew up, put down his roots and started his musical history. Directly influenced by his grandfather Irineu who was passionate about music and strummed a few notes on the guitar.

From a very early age, he felt seduced by percussion as he followed the rehearsals of the municipal fanfare from afar. Fulfilling this fascination with drums, when he was still six years old, his godmother presented him with a surdo, leveraging his entry into the city's fanfare, where he remained for years playing various instruments such as zabumba, snare drum, repique, cornet and chromatic lyre. At the age of fourteen he started his drum studies, seeking guidance from musicians in the region and in a short time he started playing professionally in some dance bands and country duos, performing in many cities in the interior. Years later, he had his first contact with Brazilian instrumental music and Jazz when he joined the renowned Tatuí Conservatory.


In 2006 he moved to São Paulo in order to seek new challenges and different paths, joining the Faculty of Music Carlos Gomes, where he graduated in the Bachelor of Drums and Full Degree in Music. During this training process, ties expanded and the musician began to perform in concert halls and theaters in the city of São Paulo, where he shared stages and recordings with Agnaldo Rayol, Joanna, Renato Braz, Celso Lago, Manolo Otero, Ivânia Catarina, Paulinho Pedra Azul, Zé Alexandre, André Marques, Heraldo do Monte and Alessandro Penezzi, Fabio Gouvea, Rodrigo Ursaia, Enéias Xavier, Fabio Leal, among others. He has had the opportunity to tour showing his work as a drummer in countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Jamaica, Morocco, Gibraltar, Chile and Ecuador. 

In 2015 he released his first authorial album entitled Eduardo Sueitt Quinteto - "Enlevo dos Pinhais", alongside Paulio Celé (guitar), Sá Reston (double bass), Dô de Carvalho (saxophone), Reynaldo Izeppi (trumpet) and special participation of the pianist Andre Marques.

In 2017, he became one of the winners of the XVII BDMG Instrumental Award, sharing the stage with musicians Paulio Celé (guitar), Sá Reston (bass), Bernardo Fabris (sax and flute) and Dô de Carvalho (sax and flute). In 2019 he presented his authorial project Eduardo Sueitt & Grupo at the renowned Encuentro Internacional de Musicos Jazz a la Calle in Mercedes-Uruguay, and in the same year he taught a series of workshops on Brazilian rhythms at the Projazz Instituto Profesional in Santiago, Chile, a project made possible by the program Ibermusicas/Funarte. Still in Santiago, the musician was at the head of a Masterclass on Brazilian rhythms aimed at music students at Universidad UNIACC.

He served as coordinator and teacher of the drum room at the International Festival of Music at Home (FIMUCA- Brasil/2020).

Currently, the musician is part of the Jazçur group, a project that brings together musicians from four South American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador) aimed at cultural fusion through the production of authorial instrumental music, in which in 2022 he released his first authorial album (made possible by through the Ibermusicas program);

In the field of education, Eduardo  works as a Professor in the Music Graduation at the Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEAD/UNEB and Drum Teacher at the Conservatório Musical Antonio Ferrucio Viviani in Poços de Caldas-MG.

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